You are what you practice

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As much as I'd like to say, "Pfff, what nonsense!" I have come to my own conclusion it is in fact, an undeniable truth. Everything started last May, when I woke up on a Sunday morning and made a decision - staring at my thighs that were like a size of Brazil - to make exercise, once and for all, a part of my lifestyle. Not something I do a month before my beach vacation, not something I prefer to forget exists during the holiday season, but a weekly routine that I can sustain for the rest of my life. ...

Give me my cupcake!

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The problem: Sugar cravings. It's been a tough week, you guys. So tough, I dreamed of cupcakes. Last week I finished my second Whole30, and I cannot stop devouring sweets. Melissa would so not approve.  Dealing with it: My last week's experiences constituted of the-hell-with-it moments of considering driving to a French bakery in the middle of the day. What kind of self-respecting woman does that? My sense of commitment stopped me. Kids, sugar has me wrapped around its caramel-glazed finger so much that I think about it more than necessary. Really, who the (*&^ dreams about cupcakes? Ever?! I am convinced it is totally a result of ...

Purple Door

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I love discovering new coffee shops. Everyone, please meet Purple Door. The shop is in Five Points; their espresso is smooth like butter and every detail about the space is totally Instagramable.

Address: 2962 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80205


A thing or two about moving


We have moved! This summer has been a whirlwind for Max and I, and I cannot be happier to have settled. I spent 234,908,890… hours unboxing, cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and now everything is in its new place. I think I screamed when I saw my bed lines, slow cooker and wine glasses. And nothing feels better than sleeping in your our bed. Nothing!

During my transition that stretched from April to mid-September, I let go of quite a few things and shed the unnecessary that occupied my life and mind…